What Do We Do ?


We are a specialized company in the high-class production of wet wipes, detergents, and personal care products.

We serve our customers in 3 different programs, these are:


Private Label

Wet Wipes and Household Cleaners

Do you have plans to begin your own wet wipe or detergent business but don’t have an idea where to take an action? No Worries! We have everything under control. You can choose from our unique and special formulations and packaging. You’ll have an option to make changes to the product to develop your own unique wipe and detergent.

In a Private Label of detergents and wet wipes, only functions of the finished product are given to Neva, and Neva takes care of the rest. 

  • If you are a wholesaler, marketer, or producer, and, you want to add a new product to your portfolio or establish a new brand, we are here to help you in the most appropriate way.

  • You can choose from our great variety of formulations for your need, or we can create a new special formula for you.

  • 100% percent privacy policy is guaranteed, we will never give your name out about any project without your permission. 

Contract Manufacturing

Wet Wipes, Household Cleaners, Detergents, Socks

Do you have your own formulation of wet wipes and detergents on your desk? Any assistance to assemble all the parts together? We’re here to assist. We’ll help you to create wet wipes and detergents from beginning to ready for marketing products. Let us know the details of your product and let’s get started.

In contract manufacturing of wet wipes and detergents, our customers provide information about packaging, formulation, and technical specification of production. 

According to given information from customers, Neva is responsible for producing all materials.

  • Cost Saving: We are well experienced in running our facilities for years, this means that there is a minimum amount of errors that you have to pay for.

  • Professional Expertise: Our expertise and experiences in production will be a guarantee no critical errors that will cost you time, money, and materials.

  • Time Efficiency: While we take care of production, you will have more time for promoting your product in the market.


Wholesale Our Brands

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If Private Labeling or Contract Manufacturing isn’t the option for you, try being a Wholesaler or distributor! Our branding section has a wholesale program with different kinds of Wet Wipes, Detergents, Personal Care, Consumables, Socks, and Carpets to make a choice. Being our wholesaler or distributor will bring you a lot of advantages.

  • Prices are directly from the manufacturer.

  • Flexibility in ordering, 7/24 you can order.

  • Simple, one-stop ordering.

  • Research and develop any kind of wet wipes, detergents and personal care products under our brand.

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